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Important information for Trials competitors at the 2014 Australian Championships


Attention any riders attending the National Championships in Bright on March 7th - 9th! There have been some important changes to National Championships format for 2014, the below has been copied from the latest MTBA newsletter:

MTBA are happy to announce some exciting changes to the format of our OT National Championships starting this year in Bright. These changes have been made to bring OT more into line with other disciplines, to improve value for athletes, spectators and the media, and to help prepare our top riders for the international competition season.

1) Grade names

This year, the grade previously known as "Pro" will be named "Elite". The grade formerly known as "Elite" will be referred to as "Expert". All other grades remain the same. So the grades this year will be Novice, Sport, Expert, Elite. Female competitors will ride in the Expert class, and the highest place female in this grade will be awarded the Australian Womens' Championship.

2) Schedule
Friday 7th March will see competition for the Elite (formerly "Pro") 20" division, and this event will be structured in a more UCI compatible format of Qualification in the morning, and Final in the afternoon. The top 4 riders from Qualification will ride in the Final, which will be run over 4 sections. The 4th placed rider from Qualification will ride first in the final, and complete all 4 sections in a given time-frame before the 3rd placed rider starts, and so on. The scores achieved in the Qualification and the Final will be tallied to come up with a total points score which will be the rider's final score for the event.

Saturday 8th March will be dedicated to Novice, Sport, and Expert (formerly "Elite"), and these grades will be run as per normal.

Sunday 9th March will see Elite 26" division, in a format as per Elite 20" above.

3) Scoring
As per current UCI rules - 4 penalties (dabs) in a section will be recorded and tallied as a 4, not as a 3 as has been done in the past.


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