TNN ADM Andrew Dickey Black Pads

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TNN ADM (Andrew Dickey) combines the features of the TNN blues and top selling LGMs. To offer a pad which performs extremely well under a large variety of conditions. What does this mean for you?

-Suits front or rear brake
-Light, medium or harsh grind (for wet conditions). Even performs well on dull grinds.
-Longer lifespan due to the fact the ADM doesn't require a fresh grind to perform.
-Is more resistant to contaminates such as dust, mud, water

Some feedback from our test riders.
Abel Mustiles " I really like the black compound on the front"
Andrew Dickey "I think they're sharper with more bite"
Michal Nowak "TNN Blacks, they are the best"

Still hand glued to TNN's trademark CNC backing. Which is grit blasted (inside pad cavities),ultrasonic cleaned,glued under pressure and then hand sanded. To the same high standards as always.